Plaudit: open endorsements by the academic community.

Plaudit is a simple, light-weight mechanism that allows an individual with an ORCID to endorse an object with a DOI.

Plaudit is based on the open infrastructure integrated with DOIs, Crossref Event Data and ORCIDs: nonprofit and community-driven.

Plaudit is independent of publisher platform.

Language Science Press

Language Science Press publishes high quality, peer-reviewed open-access books in linguistics. All publications are free for both authors and readers. General Editors are Stefan Müller (HU Berlin) and Martin Haspelmath (MPI for the Science of Human History). They are supported by a high-profile Advisory Board.

Our philosophy
We believe that book publishing should be fully under the control of scholars because most of the traditional tasks of profit-oriented publishers can be done more efficiently by scholars, at little cost due to the modern technology that is routinely available at universities.

For some time now, all scholars have been accustomed to sharing their materials at no cost with their colleagues, often with the help of services like and ResearchGate. Scientific publication thus no longer serves the need of disseminating research results – its purpose is to make the best work prominent enough to help build careers and to guide scholars in choosing what to read. This task of selecting the best work is carried out by the series editors of Language Science Press.


OpenEdition brings together four platforms dedicated to electronic resources in the humanities and social sciences.

OpenEdition is a comprehensive digital publishing infrastructure at the service of scientific information in the Humainties and social Sciences. the OpenEdition portal includes four publishing and information platforms in the humanities and social sciences: OpenEdition Journals, OpenEdition Books, Hypotheses (research blogs) and Calenda (announcements of international academic events). The portal is thus a space dedicated to the promotion of research, publishing tens of thousands of scientific documents that promote open access, while respecting the economic equilibrium of publications.

AU Press

AU Press has cultivated a strong list of publications in the areas of distance education, labour studies, Métis and Indigenous studies, gender studies, and the environment. However, we welcome superior works of scholarship, regardless of subject area. We also have a particular interest in often neglected forms of social and cultural history, including oral history and memoir, and in works that are broadly iconoclastic—that experiment with narrative form and/or challenge received wisdom. For a list of our series, please visit our series page.

Open Access

In keeping with Athabasca University’s mission of overcoming barriers to education, AU Press is committed to the open access dissemination of scholarship to readers around the world.