MetaArchive Cooperative

The MetaArchive Cooperative is a distributed digital preservation network that ensures that today’s digital collections and data will be available to tomorrow’s scholars, researchers, and citizens. MetaArchive is governed and run by its membership, which comprises an international array of more than 70 libraries, archives, and museums.
Founded more than a decade ago, MetaArchive encourages and enables memory organizations to build their own preservation infrastructures and expertise. The collaborative community wrestles with today’s most challenging digital preservation issues—both experientially through its network and theoretically through the discussions, research projects, and working groups it hosts.


Open-Heritage is an independent online space open to the contribution of the community of heritage researchers, practitioners, professionals and citizens interested in promoting the value of cultural heritage and supporting its public recognition.

The platform offers a set of multidisciplinary and multimedia conduits for the exchange of expertise and experience between people and institutions, aiming to foster debate and reflection on the importance of cultural heritage and its impact on societies, communities and our daily life. It also provides a rich repository of data and resources, comprising policy documents, publications, updated information on events and activities promoted by a multitude of European and extra-European projects, that can be of use to stakeholders active in the fields of heritage, culture, education, tourism, administration and academia. is managed by the Social Platform created by the REACH project (RE-designing Access to Cultural Heritage for a wider participation in preservation, (re-)use and management of European culture) and is intended to continue functioning after the end of the project.

All interested parties are welcome to contribute to the open dialogue and exchange of ideas, facilitated by Open-Heritage, and to enrich the content of the platform by submitting information about projects, activities, publications, and blogs.